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June 2005 
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  • Tea time
  • Launching in July
  • Happiness Japanese style
  • What's that you said?

  • Launching in July
    We're very excited to give you a sneak preview of our latest product, the Teastack.

    The stacking tin tea caddy is filled with our four delicious organic loose leaf tisanes. Each re-sealable layer comes wrapped in our unique philosophy on how to find Happiness, Friendship, Inspiration and Sleepiness.

    No more excuses about not wanting to open the tea because you can't bear to cut the string.

    Teastack will launch in Harvey Nichols and The Natural World from 15 July RRP 13.95

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    Happiness Japanese style
    Every Friday in Ichikawa, Tokyo Jeff runs an English conversation class called Second Space. "We get together for three hours to practice English, share happy memories and help each other with problems. We only speak in english until 11:30 when we take a break. Everybody brings something to eat, rice biscuits, pocky or cookies and we drink green tea. At the end of three hours we're often tired from laughing so much," writes Jeff.

    Here's their take on Happiness, Japanese style.

    Happiness is:

    • hot green tea
    • when I kiss my daughters cheek, it's so soft
    • Taking a nap in front of the TV
    • Hearing the word 'Tadaima' (I'm home!) when each member of my family return home
    • An unexpected telephone call from an old friend
    • Finding a pair of missing glasses taking a warm bath
    • Blooming flowers in spring
    • Seeing a light on through the window when I return home
    • the smell of miso soup
    • Finding an ice cream in the fridge when I'm thirsty
    • Lying down in bed after a long day
    • My dog getting excited when I return home
    • Seeing a flower in MY garden
    • A movie that turns out to be much better than I expected
    • My husband offering me the bigger piece of fish at dinner time
    • hearing distant summer festival sounds like taiko drumming
    • Catching a taxi in the rain
    • lying on tatami in the summer, the smell is so good
    • Listening to the sound of wind chimes
    What's that you said?
    The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you most warmly for your letter of 6th June, enclosing a sample of your Sleepy Tea.

    His Royal Highness was so touched that you should have thought of him in this way, and he was also deeply impressed by your acheivement, as a relatively young company, in winning the Best New Organic Food Product for 2005.

    Miss Elizabeth Buchanan - Deputy Private Secretary to their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

    What else you said...

    Tea time
    The temperatures are rising on The Tube and hayfever warnings are on the nightly weather report, swimming in bathing ponds seems like a good idea and Wimbledon is on tv, it must be summer. To celebrate we have been making jugs of Iced Happiness Tea and sharing it with all our neighbours.

    Gill suggested that our iced tea would go well with something "cheesy" so we set about making something savoury for this month's afternoon tea.

    These shortbreads should keep the sugar levels down at least until we hear the sounds of the icecream van arrive later this afternoon.

    Blue cheese and walnut shortbreads

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