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March 2007 
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Ever since Valentine's Day we've been in the mood for love - Love Love Tea to be exact. Our latest tea has hit the shelves and some say that it is our best blend yet. Here's to spreading the love.

Here's a list of all the other things we love...

Being transparent

Sleeping in big soft beds

Being responsible

Taking it in turns to cook lunch for each other

Being free to express our thoughts

Sharing pots of tea in the afternoon

Walking to work in the sunshine

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  • Tea time
  • Love Love me do
  • People we love
  • who loves us?
  • Green Green Tea hits the shevles of Tesco

  • Love Love me do
    We're addicted. Love Love Tea is our latest blend to hit the shelves of Harvey Nichols and specially selected independent stores. Love Love tea lovingly combines organic rose buds and petals with coriander and liquorice root. Beautifully packaged in a pink box tied by hand with organic cotton, it truly looks as good as it tastes. In addition, each box holds a secret love note for its keeper.

    Your search for love is finally over

    People we love
    We have been busy reorganising the office. Yes, we have left the boat and moved to share a creative space with other businesses in Wandsworth.

    Battling with the idea of making numerous trips to Ikea waiting for our particular furniture to come into stock, I stumbled upon Fearless Mike.

    Mike is fearless when it comes to finding his way around the numbered isles, queuing at the registers and getting stuck in the traffic jam as you leave the carpark.

    We love you fearless Mike, thanks for our stuff.

    call Mike

    who loves us?
    A big thank you to all the journalists that love to write about our ideas on how to make the world a better place, how to have fun doing it and treat people with respect while doing it. The media is a powerful tool, made even more so when it carries an inspired message.

    what's this about "antiprenuers?"

    Green Green Tea hits the shevles of Tesco
    Terry Leahry (Tesco CEO) has recently pledged to add a carbon footprint label to all the products that Tesco sell. Although they don't know exactly how the scheme will work, it seems that the information on how many food miles the product has travelled will be shown on the label as well as their website.

    In the meantime Tesco shoppers can now buy our Green Green Tea. We've already paid for the carbon incurred on the whole process, so this is one product that they (and Terry) won't have to worry about.

    We welcome all major retailers making a concerted effort limit the damage they do to our environment. And look forward to sharing our important message on climate change with consumers by the millions in the future!

    Every little helps.

    Tea time
    Chris loves Chocolate Brownies but we've already shared that recipe with you so we thought we'd try Butterscotch ones instead.

    They're chewy and delicious and when we took them to Sunday lunch Matthew and Craig wanted the recipe.

    Chris still loves the chocolate ones best!

    Butterscotch Brownies

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