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February 2008 
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we've spent most of this month sharing that loving feeling. Not only did we crank up the production of our Love Love tea but we spent one cold and grey afternoon with all our lovely new elderly neighbours here in South London launching our Friendship Fund.

As we move towards March we're busy working on new projects and ideas to keep 2008 fun. Let us know if you have any inspired ideas you want to share with us.

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Tea time
Spreading the Friendship He's a Happy Pig Now Single men- stand by What's that you said?

Spreading the Friendship
If you're ever wondering what to do on a dull Sunday in February, we can highly recommend hosting a tea party for the elderly residents in your area.

You'll have a pefect excuse to hang up some fun bunting, set out your best china cups and share in everyones' home made baking.

On February 3 at our head office in London, there were stories to share, Birthdays to celebrate and goody bags to take home.

It was a great day and we hope the start of a long Friendship with the organisers and volunteers at Contact the Elderly. They do this on a monthly basis, reaching out to the elderly and vulnerable across the UK. If you don't have the time to host your own party remember that when you buy a pack of our Friendship Tea you'll be contributing to 5p to this great cause.

check out the photos

He's a Happy Pig Now
One of the most inspirational books I have ever read is The Hero's Journey. For those of you who know Joseph Campbell his advice to all his students is to "Follow your bliss." Find where it is, and don't be afraid to follow it.

I love it when I come into contact with someone who's doing their own thing and following their bliss. Siggy and Gikita write dance tracks for under 11's. Their happiness is infectious.

Here's to all of us following our bliss, it doesn't matter what form it takes and if it's aged eleven inside us.

He's a happy pig now

Single men- stand by
During a recent trip to Barbados I noticed that the price of showing someone you cared, cost more if you were a woman this year.

The "I love him set" was 5 Bajan dollars more than the "I love her set" at the Miracle Mart in Holetown.

I am not sure what was inside each set but I figure that the men are playing harder to get this year as it's leap year.

Women ignore their tactics and get proposing on the 29th. This is the one day in every four years that you're allowed to propose to him. Although if you're Zsa Zsa Gabor who proposed to each of her nine husbands then you'll already subscribe to her theory that " a woman has to make up a man's mind."

Smug marrieds take a Great Green Leap instead

What's that you said?
"Here's a photo of our X-mas gift, which we created around your six "mood" teas and the Pantone Mugs. The paper bag refers to a Dutch tea bag with our Finest Blend tea tag.

Thanks for making tea and packs that make a difference. All the best for 2008."

Steven de Cleen PROUDdesign

"I just wanted to say how much I love your website and your philosophy in general. A friend sent it to me and I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle and cup of tea (it's cold grey day here in Glasgow!) and it really gave me a warm glow checking it out. So thanks for the glow! "

Tiff Butterfield

What else you said...

Tea time
I love it when my baking converts people who don't normally eat sweet things. There's Carlo who never eats dessert unless of course "you made it."

And now there's "Shaggy" who doesn't have a sweet tooth normally but couldn't stay away from these mini banana cakes that I made for our Friendship Fund Tea party.

If you know a man who needs convincing then give them a try.

Mini banana cakes

. a big Friendship Fund goody bag thanks to

Our friends at Innocent

Terrible twins

Super jam

Love Dean

Royal teas cafe for their fab fruit cake


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