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September 2004 
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As two of our biggest trade shows of the year approach Phil and I headed off to Ikea to find suitable furniture for our stand. Ikea is one of those places that, if you've not been before, you really need someone to take you who knows the ropes. Luckily we had both been before.

We have written up a list of tips for your next visit to Ikea. In the meantime if you would like to come and visit us at our Top Drawer Autumn Trade show we will be a Olympia from the 12-14 September.

We look forward to seeing you on Stand H-40 for a cup of Inspiration and a chat.

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  • Tips for a visit to Ikea
  • Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.
  • A Day in the Life of a McDonald's worker
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  • Tips for a visit to Ikea
    Phil and Sharyn's tips for a shopping trip to Ikea.

    1. Take one of the big bags offered at reception when you first arrive. Don't fool yourself into thinking you won't need one, you will. When you start dropping your bundle of tealights and groovy napkins all over the floor the bags will be nowhere to be seen.

    2. Find yourself a mini pencil and order form. Even if you don't want to order anything it helps Ikea count their visitors at the end of the day.

    3. Do not attempt the store visit alone if you are currently between relationships. The sight of smug couples measuring up new furniture to feather their nests will only drive you deeper into a state of depression.

    4. Try before you buy. Ikea fit out their restaurants completely with their kit. Makes sense and you get to experience the slight wobble in the table before you get it home. The meatballs are great and subsidized like any good proletariat idea should be.

    5. Make sure you take someone else with you. This is not only for solidarity (see above) but because Ikea don't allow you to wheel their trolleys out into the carpark. Someone will need to stand and wait with the goods while you back the car up to the loading zone. We suggest you take a someone who is good at spacial mathematics as you are going to need them when working out how to get all the flat packs into the hatchback.

    And our final tip. Don't buy the meatballs in the food store on the way out, they never taste as good when you cook them at home.

    Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.
    Dare to follow just one of your dreams, starting today.

    Make a list of all the things you would do if you were guaranteed success. Choose one and put it on 'project status'. Perhaps treat yourself to a few sessions with a life coach to help you navigate unchartered territory.

    As it states on Inspiration Tea. "Risks are worth taking, mistakes are worth making. Plant a seed and it will grow."

    Carol Angel

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    A Day in the Life of a McDonald's worker
    We all dream of doing something else with our lives at some point. If we hadnt there would be no company called Today was Fun and Wendy wouldnt be selling houses. For those of you currently considering your alternatives may we recommend the Day in the life of a McDonald's worker.

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    What's that you said?
    "If more were like you. Thank you for some wonderful, happy minutes at your site!" Laila-Norway

    "I love getting your 'tomorrow's soup' letters. London sounds so lovely in the summer." Christine Feagins

    "Your 'Inspiration' tea was the nicest we've ever tasted." Gill and Rolf

    "just visited your site. how wonderful is that. spent too long browsing, reading philosphy, forwarding it to friends. Even left a book on a park bench. thanks for the inspiration." Beth - www.bigbrowniepoints.com

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    Tea time
    Wendy had a career in advertising once. Last year she decided to give it all away and went to work for her family's Estate Agency instead.

    Already her ability to network and fill people with her enthusiasm and endless energy is paying dividends. She sold her first house last week and we rushed around with a pot of tea and a cake to celebrate.

    If you would like to buy or sell a house in Herne Hill/ Dulwich (SW London) area let Wendy know. She has promised to send you a homemade cake and a pack of our tea if she is successful for you. (www.petermans.co.uk).

    Summer raspberry and peach cake

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