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November 2004 
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We've had a busy month making sure our tea is on everyones' shelves in good time for the Christmas rush. Some of our retailers have already reported a rush and have placed re-orders for more. It seems there are two types of Christmas shoppers, those who are super-organised and have already finished, and those who only get in the mood the week before Christmas. It seems that all those piped Christmas carols over loud speakers obviously work for their magic some.

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  • Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.
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  • What's on your list?

    Collecting other peoples' shopping lists has long been my passion.

    There's nothing more intriguing than finding someone's discarded list at the bottom of my trolley and I am not alone. There's now a website devoted to documenting people's shopping lists.

    According to the recent findings of ID Magasin only 30 per cent of shoppers now make a shopping list before they hit the high street. Buyers are increasingly relying on retailers to provide them with guides and prompts. Our ability to analyse and judge people's diets and attitudes to food through random shopping lists may soon perhaps be a thing of the past.

    Razor blades

    My analysis: An unlikely combination of English food staple meets Middle Eastern delicacy and razor blades indicating that it's more likely to be a male's shopping list. He likes to cook, using peppercorns in his grinder to spice things up. The toothpaste is for fresh breath and he's perhaps planning a night of hot passion. "She" is likely to be disappointed if marmite on toast is all there is on offer the morning after.

    If the items on lists aren't enough to tell us the personality of the mystery shopper there's always the handwriting, the neatness or the logical order of the list, in some cases prices and the exact store to visit. The type of paper that lists are written on is a dead giveaway - what does the UBS corporate banking notepaper or the reverse side of a sermon tell us about the writer? The lists that leave me wondering are the ones with non-specific items."Something for lunch"- "dessert"- "Nice bread"- what is nice bread? Fluffy and white or grainy and with added fibre? Given that "she" had bananas and Flora Light on the list along with apple flavour air freshner my money is on a white loaf.

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    Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.

    We Are What We Do, is a new movement which inspires people to use their everyday actions to change the world. Here's one of their ideas.

    Action No. 26 GIVE BLOOD

    Fancy a pint? It might seem scary. But that's what makes it cool.

    Next time you're late for a meeting with someone you want to impress, just say "Sorry I'm late, I was giving blood."

    It's like a Get Out Of Jail Free card (only to be used if you genuinely do turn your pint of blood into a cup of tea and some nice biscuits).

    There are likely to be side effects; slight euphoria, puffed up chest and a broad smile for example.

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    What's that you said?

    "We had the old packaging which we liked, however the new looks really lovely." Mel - Pure Alchemy, UK

    "I am sad to say that I just left the UK a week ago, and now have stumbled upon your wonderful tea product!." Robyn Wise Creative Director, Cymbidium TEXAS

    "Your teas are delicious and have more converts." Russell Elliot UK

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    Tea time
    As we get closer to Christmas and the shops fill up with wonderful dried fruit and nuts our thoughts have turned to Christmas baking.

    Christmas cakes, gingerbread stars and mince pies. Ever wondered why they call them mince pies?

    We have done a little investigating. It seems that original pies did actually contain a highly spiced preserve containing real meat. Pies made with this filling are less sweet and have a wonderful texture. We guarantee you'll love them.

    Vegetarians look away now

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