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March 2004 
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At Today was Fun we are firm believers in the saying "change happens when a lot of people do things a little differently".

One of our missions over the next few issues increase the number of people we share our soup with. If you enjoy your monthly edition of Tomorrow's Soup and know someone who would also appreciate our ideas then please don't be shy.

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  • Tea time
  • Observations of a Flânuer- Seize the Day
  • Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.
  • Good Fridays Agreement
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  • Observations of a Flânuer- Seize the Day
    "Carpe Diem" Horace

    I have come to the conclusion that time is elastic.

    I believe time has an uncanny ability to expand or contract depending on what we focus on at any given moment.

    Sometimes minutes feel like hours and hours can take days.

    Other times it feels like everything passes by in a blur. Before I know it I am planning tomorrow and tearing out the corner of the diary page that marks the passing of another week.

    I am currently on holiday and feel like I am packing an eternity into each and every day. There is more than enough time to take a morning walk along the beach, swim in the surf, read my book and fall asleep, read and sleep some more. There is time to run in the afternoon, luxuriate in the hot shower afterwards and sit watching the evening light reflect on the water as my boyfriend Chris dishes our left over chips to the hungry gulls. I have been chatting to strangers, savouring each and mouthful of my fruit muesli for breakfast, writing, sharing ideas and most importantly making a date each evening to watch the sun go down on another day.

    While I am on holiday, my time is precious and as a result I am savouring each and every moment.

    Now I know that we cant be on holiday all of the time, most of us have to work and this includes commuting both ways to and from an office each day, doing all our domestic chores and everything else that our busy modern lives demand.

    What I do know is that my week while on holiday feels like it has expanded to accommodate more than three times what it could normally hold. I believe that this is partly because I have been focused on and conscious to, each and every thing that I have been doing. Living in the moment.

    My resolve as I re-enter my working days in London is to focus on some of the things that I enjoy in my daily routine in the same focused manner. I will be taking time out to celebrate the little pleasures and chores in the hope that time will expand for me just as it is doing now. Sharyn Wortman

    Today's all we've got, and that's a lot.
    Give someone special an unusual gift that will help the environment and be a gift for life-your life, woodland life, plant and animal life.

    The Woodland Trust will dedicate a tree for just £10. Their web site is and they can be contacted on 0800 026 9650.

    Perhaps you could have a look in your own 'back garden' for similar organisations outside the UK. It's a lovely thing to do at this time of year.

    I'd love someone to buy me such a thoughtful gift and am planning to do this for a friend's birthday next month. Carol Angel

    What ideas do you have that would make a difference in the world today? »

    Good Fridays Agreement
    Join The Karma Army - Join Me is encouraging people to sign up to their 'Good Fridays Agreement'. Your pledge will be to perform random acts of kindness especially on a Friday!

    Join the army now! »

    What's that you said?
    "I had a packet of Inspirational Tea given to me at Christmas and it is absolutely delicious. Please send me details of how I can obtain some more, it's nearly all gone." Feola - UK

    "I am green with envy at you all having Fridays off to indulge your creativity." Jack- Australia

    "I love what you do on Fridays, that is the most inspiring idea." Hazel -

    See what we get up to on Fridays... »

    Tea time
    Jan is a wonderfully romantic family friend who always dreamed of living in Tuscany. When she made these delicious brownies for us we begged her for the recipe.

    In return we bought her a olive tree to grow in her backgarden. Viva italia and viva these chocolate brownies.

    Jan's Chocolate Brownies...

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